sEAmless is an afforadable, simple to use, scalable management solution for EHS that streamlines challenging compliance-driven data management and reporting needs.



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sEAmless Release Notes

The highlights from each sEAmless enhancement release are shared here with more details provided within your sEAmless portal. EA receives feedback from our users and other subject matter experts on improvements to consider implementing within the sEAmless portal. We evaluate our roadmap monthly, decide on features to release in our sprints, implement and deploy on a quarterly basis.

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Release 1.9

December 7, 2023 -

Version 1.9 is dedicated to enhancing the user experience by improving user interfaces and making some features even easier to use. These enhancements aim to elevate the overall user experience and make it easier to track your Legal Requirements within the Compliance Requirements module.  Other enhancements include ability to add new valid values from the interface within Tasks and Compliance Requirements module; simplified page edits for Compliance Requirements module, addition of more pre-populated fields for task creation and ability to preview PDF files from the document library.

Release 1.8

August 17, 2023 -

This release provides users with additional report options to view and export their data and streamlining data updates that can be performed in a bulk action.

Training records can now be bulk archived, and Tasks can be closed out in bulk making it more efficient for users to manage their data. Users can customize their past due email notifications and receive email notifications based on a functional area (e.g., Air, Stormwater, Hazardous Waste). The Facility map was updated to show buildings and equipment information that have associated coordinates. Finally, two additional reports were added to easily view combined data sets for equipment and inspections, and documents with recurring tasks associated.

Release 1.7

November 14, 2022 -

This release incorporates a variety of features designed to streamline and improve management of your EHS programs. We have added a new Inspection Scheduler tool to help automate the process of generating your routine inspection entries, automatically appearing on the mobile application. We’ve also updated the mobile inspection application to add a map view of inspections and the ability to capture estimated coordinates for your inspection locations. Also updated the permit expiration dates to include the extension by a regulatory body.

Release 1.6

February 18, 2022 -

Release 1.6 focuses on enhancements designed to allow managers to stay up to date on the most important activities happening within their facilities with a new Environmental Program Dashboard. We have also added new ways to categorize your Tasks and Inspections along with new metrics and expanded task notifications designed to help you better manage your compliance requirements.

Release 1.5

9 September 2021 -

Release 1.5 focuses on enhancements designed to improve and streamline the inspection data entry and reporting process. With this release, we have optimized the mobile photo upload process to make it faster and easier to generate the photo log and we’ve implemented updates to reduce the number of pages in the inspection report.

Release 1.4

7 July 2021 - Release 1.4 includes user experience improvements and management features to help users to easily find and maintain their data within the system. In 1.4, users can generate additional task reports, easily archive compliance requirements and their related tasks, and enable options to pre-populate your Inspection Photo titles on mobile to make your field data entry process go quicker, and many more improvements we hope you will love! 

Release 1.3

10 March 2021 -

Release 1.3 includes the new Compliance Requirements module allowing you to easily manage your compliance obligations by media and compliance driver; new generic equipment for tracking your own custom equipment types and some additional user experience improvements that we hope you will love! 

Release 1.2

2 February 20221 -

Release 1.2 includes new management features within the Training Module, the ability to create one inspection form for multiple equipment/buildings, expansion of our mobile field data collection app to other participants in inspections and additional user experience improvements that we hope you will love!

Release 1.1

14 December 2020 - Release 1.1 includes a mapping dashboard summarizing facility-level EHSS information, our new mobile field data collection app for completing inspections, and a few more improvements that we hope you will love!